Bespoke Sealing and Engineering Solutions

FTL is a leading custom sealing solution provider that protects critical assets in countless demanding applications. From powerful combat vehicles to high-pressure oil rigs, our sealing solutions solve engineering problems across sectors such as the military, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

We offer over 200 years of technological expertise and industry knowledge, helping to add value to our customers’ future success. Our engineers promise excellence, offering a complete seal design solution to improve the safety, reliability and performance of your processes.


About US

Our Centre of Excellence

Bespoke sealing solutions, engineered for customers from concept through design, to finished seals. Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) and industry knowledge make us unrivalled when it comes to flexible solutions and problem-solving.

We know what works for critical applications, and we engineer solutions that set you apart from your competitors. Our innovation process helps us develop your product ranges right the way through concept to production, providing the bespoke solutions you need.


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Working to Create a Sustainable World

We’re committed to taking action and changing the world for the better. Since the beginning, we have helped customers maximise efficiency and reduce waste with our sealing solutions. Now, we’re accelerating our journey to a sustainable future.

We work tirelessly to minimise our carbon footprint by using renewable energy, electric fleets and environmental initiatives that reduce waste. At FTL, we work together to make real change, one step at a time.


More About Sustainability

Custom Sealing Solutions

We provide new and aftermarket sealing solutions precision-engineered to meet your exact requirements

Centre of Excellence

We’re fully equipped with the machinery and technology to test your custom-designed sealing solution

Added Value

Improve equipment and operation efficiency with own-branded packaging, product assembly and custom seal kits

Experts in Engineering

Talk directly to an experienced engineer who will find a solution to your challenge

Innovative Materials

Seals with certified cutting-edge materials, delivering robust performance in any operational environment

Start to Finish Design

Our design process takes you from concept, through development to your final bespoke seal

Our Sealing Solutions in Action


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Why Choose FTL?

Creating a quality product that fits your specific needs and solves your sealing problem is imperative for success.

Our expert engineers draw on technical expertise, across industries and an innovative approach to streamline your project and create invaluable sealing solutions.

  • End-to-end design process
  • Custom, outcome-led solutions for your sealing challenges
  • Protect and enhance your product range
  • Access trusted advice from industry experts
  • Quality-driven R&D Centre of Excellence

If you have a critical sealing challenge, speak with our experts today at +44 (0)113 252 1061 or use our contact form.

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