Cartridge Seals


Each type of cartridge seal within a vehicle’s driveline comes with its own unique set of challenges and when choosing a solution, it should be tailored to those specific issues.

For example, an amphibious vehicle can’t afford to have water ingress, logistics vehicles operating at high speeds for prolonged periods, and high levels of contamination with off highway vehicles.

So, it’s important to have a tailored solution that address all of these differing requirements (there is no one-size-fits-all approach). FTL’s engineers have created specific seal profiles to overcome these potential challenges.


Our solutions

  • Adaptable seals: No matter the kind of vehicle, we can provide cartridge seals that match specific preferences and address certain application challenges.
  • Increased seal life: All seals are designed and validated to perform to a high level, addressing all operational requirements.
  • Simple installation and maintenance: The seals can be installed and removed easily, and this contributes to simplified maintenance & overall.


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