Central Tyre Inflation Seal

Central Tyre Inflation Seals are precision rotary seal systems which are used exclusively in axles and wheel drive systems on ‘off highway’ equipment in the transport industry. They are used in pairs to transfer compressed air from a fixed stub shaft to a rotating hub for the purposes of tyre inflation and deflation. CTI seals perform a critical function to ensure the reliability and functionality of modern internal CTI systems.

FTL’s CTI seals push the performance barriers of efficiency and reliability to new limits, with all seals rigorously tested in-house to confirm their performance and long term endurance.

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Central Tyre Inflation System Brochure

CTI Datasheet

Central Tyre Inflation System Data Sheet CTIS 0618 Shaft Seal Datasheet


There are several factors that affect tyre pressure and can negatively impact the performance of a vehicle. Incorrect tyre pressure leads to more damage to the wheels and tyres, increased fuel consumption and increased driver and passenger fatigue.

There are also industry specific challenges to consider, such as increased ground compaction in agricultural vehicles, which can reduce crop yield. Another example is reducing the mobility of military vehicles across hard terrain, which will impact the mission.

Our solutions

  • Increased tyre life: CTI enabling can make tyres last up to 15% longer and reduce damage.
  • Cost-effective: From saving between 1% and 4% on fuel costs, to lowering maintenance costs, the CTIS help to save money in the long run.
  • Operational efficiency: Keeps your downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Fleet mobility: Ensures peak performance across all terrain in all weathers

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