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What are driveline seals?

Driveline seals are essential components for the efficient functionality of vehicles, contributing towards mobility, durability and the length of time a vehicle can operate for. They are used across multiple industries, which covers military, agriculture and road vehicles, providing a safer and more productive operation.

Yet there are many challenges to contend with and driveline seals are exposed to everyday wear and tear, leakage and outside damage. It’s vital that driveline seals are designed to a high standard so these challenges are overcome and that’s where FTL can help.

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What driveline sealing solutions do we specialise in?

Through decades of innovation, we’ve developed the following bespoke driveline sealing solutions to name a few:

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Central Tire Inflation Sealing

Central tire Inflation (CTI) is a leading technology for enhancing the mobility of wheeled vehicles and works by ensuring vehicles achieve the optimum tire pressure for all ground conditions. CTI seals facilitate transfer of air between static and rotating parts within the axle and wheel hub and are critical for a safe driving experience and maintaining mobility.

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Suspension Sealing

Suspension seals encompass a range of rotary, mechanical face and high pressure reciprocating seals that are vital parts of a vehicle’s suspension system. They are critical elements in mobility and are of particular importance to vehicles that need to navigate tough terrain.

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Wheel Hub Input Shaft Seals

Input shaft seals are the primary dynamic sealing interface for wheel hubs. This component is responsible for the prevention of contamination ingress into the wheel hub, improving safety and operational reliability.

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Cartridge Seals

Cartridge seals are an innovative development by FTL. This has been achieved by listening to our customers and their needs within the differing sectors; ease of installation, fewer components, and reduced space claim have been key drivers for our product innovation.

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Experts in Driveline Sealing Solutions

When your business is vehicle mobility, you need an experienced team you can trust. The team of mechanical engineers at FTL have a wealth of experience working with vehicles and component designers, specifiers and consultants across all industries, from rail and shipping through to defence and aerospace.

We have supplied our in-depth industry-leading sealing solutions and custom engineering expertise internationally into applications across all these sectors, keeping operations moving efficiently and reliably.


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Driveline FAQs

Why choose FTL for your driveline sealing solutions?

FTL has been developing and delivering driveline sealing solutions for over 40 years and have gained a wealth of valued experience in the design and development of world class sealing solutions. Our bespoke in-depth design process allows FTL to provide:

A versatile approach:

Whether it’s an agricultural, military or commercial vehicle, our engineers are well-versed in applying bespoke driveline sealing solutions to numerous applications within these sectors. We work with you every step of the way to ensure a personalised solution is devised. 

A wide range of solutions:

We provide a variety of driveline sealing options, covering, CTI Seals, Suspension, input shaft, transmission braking systems, gearbox seals and more.

A leading partner of vehicle OEMs:

Throughout the years, we’ve created strong connections with leading global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the vehicle space, ranging from defence to agricultural brands.

To enquire for further information about our driveline sealing solutions, get in touch with us today on +44 (0)113 252 1061.