FTL operates in accordance with ethical principles and with respect to the environment, for the protection of health and safety in the workplace and beyond

The Business Unit Leader of FTL, after conducting an in-depth initial environmental assessment of the production activities carried out within its site, identified the priority areas for intervention and is committed to the following activities:-

  • upholding relevant environmental legislation and regulations and the prevention of pollution;
  • the production of a 12 month, ongoing Health & Safety Plan and budget, to provide such insurance, external inspection, facilities, equipment and training as is required for the relevant persons to fulfil their responsibilities;
  • adequate information and training to ensure the safety of employees during routine, unscheduled and emergency situations;
  • risk assessment, audits and general inspections to be undertaken at regular intervals;
  • appropriate protection and supervision for any and all visitors and contractors on the FTL premises;
  • reduce, subject to the minimum requirements of the processes, water consumption, electric and natural fuels;
  • reduce the use of potentially hazardous substances considered;
  • seek and use alternative building materials which are respectful of the environment and human health;
  • annual review of the Policy or whenever appropriate, and to communicate any changes across the business appropriately.

This Policy aims to ensure that the working environment at FTL is safe, without significant risks and meets the appropriate statutory requirements. 

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