FTL Solutions extend engineering research team to further enhance world-class innovation capabilities

Post by: Ryan McNulty, July 2022

FTL Sealing Solutions, a solutions-led engineering company, have recently taken steps to extend and enhance their existing engineering capabilities by increasing the size of the Research and Development team. This move to increase the team enables FTL to drive their reputation for quality and unrivalled expertise in challenging sealing solutions forwards.

Rooftop Solar Array

They have been joined by Patrick Marunda, an Applications Engineer with a solid background in polymer bearing solutions, with a thirst to learn more about the seals industry. On joining the company Patrick states, “I am delighted to be able to join a business which not only is at the forefront of the sealing industry in terms of quality, customer focus and innovation, but are also very aware of their social and environmental responsibilities. These attributes combined with a real focus on their team and building individual careers to allow everyone to be the best they can be, made it a really easy decision to join FTL.”

His role has a large focus on R&D, driven in part by the recent investment which FTL made into their Centre of Excellence. This facility gives FTL the tools needed to carry out vital benchmarking work alongside testing and analysing their own engineering-led developments. 

Patrick also went on to say “I am really looking forward to getting the most out of the Centre of Excellence, which is just one of the latest exciting investments that FTL have made. I will soon be rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty in a raft of testing and benchmarking work”.

FTL’s Head of Engineering, Mark McCormack says, “Part of our vision for FTL moving into the future is a strong focus on innovation, and of course R&D. Patrick is just the first step in reaching these new goals, and we are delighted to have him board. His arrival comes ahead of a summer intern placement from Leeds University who will also help us to start to push into new areas. The Centre of Excellence, and the potential that gives us means that we are heading into an exciting period of exploration, not only for the engineering department, but for FTL as a whole.”

To find out more about these capabilities, visit https://ftl.technology/ or contact ftltech@idexcorp.com.


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