FDA Compression Packing

FTL has a selection of compression packings which have been specifically designed to meet the demands of food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

These specialised braids make use of the FDA-compliant properties of PTFE, with fibers and lubricants which eliminate any contamination risk, safeguarding the end consumer.

Each of the packing choices highlighted below perform well for strength and wear resilience, while also being resistant to the high temperature and chemical aggressiveness of SIP and CIP cleaning processes utilised in food and pharmaceutical process applications.

Common applications for these compression packing grades include:

  • Process pumps
  • Valves
  • Mixers
  • Agitators and other rotating equipment. 

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Product  Ref   Pressure [Bar] Speed [m/s] Temp [°C]  pH Resistance  Material
 Rotary Pumps Plunger Pumps  Valves  Rotary Pumps  Plunger Pumps 
70 FDA Compression Packing  70  40  1000   13   2  -40 to +120  5-11 PTFE - Braided from Ramie, an extremely strong and water-resistant natural fibre.
73 FDA Compression Packing  73   800   250    -200 to +280  0-14 Graphite-filled PTFE yarn.
CG FDA Compression packing  CG 15       8    -100 to 250  0-14 Pure PTFE yarn with an additional PTFE impregnation & a silicon-oil free lubricant.
95 FDA Compression Packing 95  25    250  20    -100 to 280  0-14 Graphite-filled and silicon-oil lubricated PTFE yarn.
DG FDA Compression Packing DG   500  250     2  -200 to 280  0-14 PTFE yarn with an additional PTFE impregnation.