FTL – new look, same values

Post by: Ryan McNulty, June 2021

As specialists in bespoke sealing solutions for critical applications, we wanted to showcase our solutions with a fresh look for our business – including the development of a brand new customer-centred website.

FTL rotary and reciprocating rigs


Why the new look?

With this rebranding project we wanted to better reflect who we are and what we do, demonstrating our core values of In-depth Solutions, Knowledge, Service and Quality.

We wanted to improve communication and relationships with customers from across the world, with a strong focus on our comprehensive process which takes customers from discovery right through to delivery.

We’re keen to establish FTL as the Centre of Excellence for Rotary and Reciprocating sealing solutions, able to call on decades of custom engineering experience, as well as industry-leading experts in high pressure pumps and driveline applications.

We’re confident that our new website is a stronger representation of this offering, taking current and potential customers on a streamlined journey towards better performing sealing systems.

What we plan to achieve

Our new website has been designed to deliver the best possible customer experience. This means making the quickest, easiest connection between a site visitor with a sealing issue, and an FTL expert with the right solution. By identifying and understanding our customer's needs from the outset, we can provide this depth of service level.
Coupled with our high standards in component design, material characteristics, testing and validation, the team at FTL can supply the sealing market with a superior level of products and services.

We believe that the new FTL website will help us drive growth, expand our customer base and deliver some exciting new projects. As a result, we will be able to reaffirm our position as the market leaders for bespoke sealing solutions.

The IDEX difference

FTL’s core values of In-depth Solutions, Knowledge, Service and Quality are intimately aligned with those of IDEX Sealing Solutions and IDEX Corporation as a whole.

By focusing on delivering exceptional customer service in similarly niche markets, IDEX generates annual revenue in excess of $2 billion. By working within the IDEX platform, FTL is in the optimal environment to expand the manufacturing capabilities of our sealing business, and tap into a new market of global opportunity.

Morgan Riding, Strategic Marketing Manager at FTL, said: “It’s a very exciting time for all of us at FTL. We’ve been evolving as a business for almost 50 years, and with our growing customer base we needed a brand and a website which better reflected our core values. We’re looking forward to it help drive growth for us in the years to come.”


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