FTL’s 2019 Carbon Footprint & Sustainability Plan

Post by: Ryan McNulty, 17th April 2019

Small changes to become greener can be very impactful, and here at FTL Technology, we are committed to minimising the impact our activities have on the environment.

Our core focus is to help businesses with their engineering problems, but that doesn’t mean in doing so we cannot do our small part to reduce the planet’s carbon emissions.

After conducting an in-depth environmental assessment of the production activities that are carried out within our site, we identified some priority areas that have remained a key focus in our day-to-day operations.

Andrew Hewitt, Business Unit Leader at FTL, commented:

“It is our duty to operate responsibly and in accordance with ethical principles, with respect to the environment. Our goal in 2019 surpasses just meeting all the environmental legislation that is required by law but to go above and beyond to improve our Carbon Footprint.”

So for complete transparency, here are 8 processes we’ve introduced in our Sustainability Plan:

  1.  Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. This includes reducing our printing and water consumption. 
  2. Actively promoting recycling within the business with good waste facilities. 
  3. Encourage staff to reduce fuel use with various initiatives such as carpool, Walk to Work and Cycle to Work scheme. 
  4. Reducing energy usage by installing energy efficient lighting, making sure lights are switched off when not in use and switching off office equipment overnight. 
  5. We’re also trying to reduce heating energy use by investing in better insulation and undertaking regular maintenance. 
  6. Flying less frequently; our business often sees us go overseas so where possible, we’re replacing it with video conferencing to minimise business travel.  
  7. Adopting sustainable procurement principles by sourcing items such as recycled paper and stationery which are respectful to the environment and human health. 
  8. Communicating this policy with all employees and customers to get everyone on board and engaged to champion these initiatives together!

We will be reviewing our Environmental Policy periodically to ensure it continues to remain appropriate.


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