The HB MECO seal model is a full-contact, soft-face mechanical shaft seal, using an elastomer drive to rotate bearing-grade, synthetic seal faces against fixed, stainless steel seal faces. The various seal assemblies are sized for equipment following standards of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers' Association (C.E.M.A.) and their metric equivalents.

The HB Seal model provides the superior performance, durability and quality of workmanship that are hallmarks of MECO’s many other highly-regarded custom seals.

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The MECO HB Seal model is ideal for screw conveyors/scrolls, small blenders, bucket elevators, and similar rotating equipment used in bulk process industries. The HB Seal model is used on horizontal, inclined and vertical shafts for unsplit installations.
The HB Seal replaces standard waste pack housings. It is made with a heavy, metal or FDA nylon housing that cannot be crushed by an over-tightened flange bearing. Two replaceable stainless steel stationary seal faces attach to the seal housing. Inside is a rotating seal face assembly, consisting of replaceable rotors and drive elastomer. The elastomer and rotors interlock, forming an air and watertight seal. The low-friction rotating seal faces are at right angles to the shaft and in full contact with the stationary seal faces. The HB Seal cavity is charged with low-pressure air or gas, which acts as a barrier fluid to provide pneumatic seal face loading. This is a simple and effective way to check installation integrity and monitor seal performance. HB Seals ensure parallelism and flatness to maximize product containment and minimize barrier gas consumption. Alternatively, the HB seal may be reconfigured to operate air-free, using a hose clamp to energize the seal faces. This model is known as the "HC" variation.
The HB model seal is stocked in 7 standard inch and 13 metric sizes. These 20 seals can be easily converted for other shaft sizes and all fit within the 6 stocked housing (HSG) sizes. This allows the HB model seals to be sized for shaft diameters 5.07" (129mm) and smaller. See the Stocked HSG# Chart below for maximum shaft size for each of the seven housings. HBZ0 size is not available in the HC format or with the FDA Nylon housing, or with split internal parts.
.The HB seal’s rugged housing options are designed for long life. You may choose from three stock housing materials: FDA Nylon, Anodized Aluminum or 316L SS. Three elastomer materials, Viton, FDA white silicone or EPDM, ensure compatibility with nearly all applications. The standard stators are type 304 stainless steel. The standard rotors are MECO3000, a high-performance, bearing grade, polymer-filled PTFE with FDA approval. No abrasive filler material is added to MECO3000. MECO3120, a white, FDA approved, ceramic filled, PTFE is available as an option for processes where maximum wear resistance is needed. UHMW Polyethylene is available as a low-cost option for non-abrasive applications or processes where PTFE is not permitted. Any of the components may be individually replaced. Unsplit rebuild kits consisting of replacement rotors and drive elastomer are maintained in-stock for immediate shipment. In cases where it is difficult to remove the bearing or drive, convenient, fully-split rebuild kits are available. Since Woodex’s MECO Seal division manufactures many custom shaft seals, Woodex have the capability to fabricate from any material when required. See Sizing Chart below for dimensional information. For information on the fully split version of this seal please check our MECO AH model seal.
Stocked HSG# Each MECO HB Seal housing can accommodate optional shafts up to these limits:
HSG # Max. Shaft ø
0 1.25"/32mm
1 1.77"/45mm
2 2.24"/57mm
3 2.63"/67mm
4 3.62"/92mm
5 4.07"/103mm
6 5.07"/129mm
C.E.M.A Standard Sizes (inches)
CEMA Part # øA shaft P HSG # SQ MIN SQ MAX W øC MIN øC MAX
HBZ0W4A100 1.00 4.25 0 2.75 3.50 15/32 3.89 4.95
HBZ1W4A150 1.50
5.38 1 4.00 4.38 5/8 5.65 6.19
HBZ2W4A200 2.00 6.50 2 4.38 5.38 3/4 6.19 7.60
HBZ3W4A244 2.44 7.38 3 5.13 6.25 3/4 7.25 8.84
3.00 7.75 4 5.75 6.50 7/8 8.12 9.19
HBZ5W4A344 3.44 9.25 5 6.75 8.00 7/8 9.55 11.31
HBZ6W4A444 4.44 10.88 6 7.75 8.75 7/8 10.96 12.38
METRIC Standard Sizes (millimeters)
Metric Part # øA shaft P HSG # SQ MIN SQ MAX W øC MIN øC MAX
40/45 137 1 102 111 16 144 157
165 2 111 137 19 157 193
60/65 187 3 130 159 19 184 225
70 197 4 146 165 22 206 233
80 197 4 146 165 22 206 233
HBZ5W4A335 85 235 5 171 203 22 243 287
HBZ5W4A354 90 235 5 171 203 22 243 287
100  276 6 197 222 24 278 314
110 276 6 197 222 24 278 314
Rotor Material Process Conditions HBZ - Anodized Alum. Housing HBP - FDA Nylon Housing HBS - 316L Stainless Housing
TEMPERATURE -60 to 500°F (-50 to 260°C)
-35 to 200°F (-37 to 94°C)
-60 to 500°F (-50 to 260°C)
PRESSURE Vacuum to 30 psig (210 kPa)
Vacuum to 15 psig (105 kPa)
Vacuum to 30 psig (210 kPa)
SPEED to 250 RPM to 150 RPM to 200 RPM
-178 to 135°F (-117 to 57°C)
-35 to 135°F (-37 to 57°C)
-178 to 135°F (-117 to 57°C)
PRESSURE Vacuum to 15 psig (105 kPa)
Vacuum to 15 psig (105 kPa)
Vacuum to 15 psig (105 kPa)
to 50 RPM to 50 RPM
Mechanical Capabilities:1/64" Axial Motion Barrier Options Below: Silicone Elastomer -178 to 500°F (-117 to 260° C)
/4" T.I.R. Runout HB: Air or N2, Typical 1/4 scfm (7 lpm)  @ 10 psig (0,7 bar) 
Viton Elastomer -75 to 450°F
(-59 to 232° C) 
1/2" Thermal Growth 
HC: No Barrier Required or Used
EPDM Elastomer -70 to 325°F
(-56 o 163°C)
Results may vary with operating conditions - please contact us to discuss your requirements