Inflatable Seals

What are Inflatable Seals?

Inflatable seals are toric elastomeric seals with a hollow section, filled either pneumatically or hydraulically to create an effective sealing solution. Common applications include airlock doors and hatches, dome valves and sterilising equipment, frequently used in the semiconductor, food process, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

FTL will work to identify the key challenges you face in your application, before designing an inflatable seal solution optimised to your unique operational requirements. Get in touch with a specialist engineer to learn more about inflatable seals.

Advantages of Inflatable Seals:

  • Can apply their own seal pressure
  • Able to cope with varying and large seal gaps
  • Simplifies structural design and minimises need for close machining
  • Can seal and unseal in seconds
  • Removes need for rebolting gaskets and reclamping seals, cutting equipment downtime
  • An Inflatable Seal isn't subject to compression set, which negates the effectiveness of other seals

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