FTL Sealing Solutions celebrates a new safety record with 2,022 continuous accident-free days in 2022.

Post by: Tanya Jane, September 2022

FTL Sealing Solutions, a solutions-led engineering company, have celebrated the milestone of being an accident-free site for 2,022 days on the 15th September – in the year 2022.

FTL is a bespoke sealing solutions provider based in Morley, West Yorkshire who design and then assemble complex sealing solutions on behalf of their customers. As an ISO9000:2015 accredited company, quality sits at the heart of everything they do. This is reflected by achieving this milestone. Mark McCormack, Director of Engineering, commented, “The safety of our staff is number one in everything that we do, and whilst we have procedures and protocols in place to protect our staff they won’t be effective unless they are adhered to.”

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He went on to explain how every member of the team, across all the departments within FTL have contributed to this. “Everyone at FTL has demonstrated 100% commitment to protecting themselves and their colleagues as well as any external visitors and contractors who come on site.” 

General Manager, Hynek Jakubicek, went on to say, “I am hugely proud of how the team work together to ensure that everything we do is of the highest possible standard. As the General Manager here at FTL, I feel honoured to be able to stand next to each person here as we strive to continue forwards to keep the streak going.”

To find out more about FTL Sealing Solutions, visit https://ftl.technology/ or contact ftltech@idexcorp.com.


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