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Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas industry, people deal with a huge range of high pressure scenarios that they must be able to address on a daily basis.

From working with complex machinery to promoting a good level of safety across all applications, there are challenges that are unique to the industry. These challenges include coming into contact with toxic chemicals, dealing with extreme temperatures and ensuring that all machinery is working at an optimum level.

At the operational level, all oil and gas equipment come with a unique set of sealing requirements that experts must address and FTL is here to help.

What oil and gas sealing solutions do we offer?

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VariPig is the name of our multi-diameter capable pigging system designed to streamline pigging operations. The system is made of a number of suspension arms connected to a central piston, so when one wheel arm deflects, the other arms carry out the same motion. It’s also backed by a spring-loaded piston that forces the suspension arms outward and helps to restore centreline running. There are several benefits to using the system.

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Why choose FTL for your oil and gas sealing solutions?

Decades of experience

For over 25 years, FTL has been creating and supplying bespoke oil and gas sealing solutions and are market leaders in the industry.

Solutions for a range of applications

We provide sealing solutions for various applications, which include offshore well drilling, pigging operations, Arctic exploration, subsea activity and more.

A partner of oil and gas companies from all over the world

Through the years, we’ve built up a network of strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading gas and oil companies.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our oil and gas sealing solutions and our in-house experts will be able to provide ongoing advice and support.