What is a plunger pump?

A plunger pump is a type of reciprocating positive displacement pump designed to generate high pressure and move fluids. They are made up of a cylindrical chamber with the plunger inside and use valves to control the flow of a fluid. In addition, the plunger moves within the chamber through the use of extension rods.

From being suitable for use in high pressure applications such as descaling ships and submarines, there are several benefits to using plunger pumps across multiple sectors, which include oil and gas, chemical and engineering.

But in order for plunger pumps to be truly effective, they need be backed by exceptional design and have seals that function at a high level. External leakage, premature seal failure and inconsistent reliability are all challenges that come with plunger pump seals that haven’t been designed correctly and at FTL we’re here to help.

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What plunger pump solutions do we specialise in?

FTL has developed solutions to address the challenges faced by plunger pump manufacturers in three areas:

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Crosshead (Pony Rod) seals

Effective sealing of the crosshead is of paramount importance to any plunger pump OEM, and end users across all the varied applications. The crosshead is the area of the plunger pump for which the sealing elements have two key responsibilities – keeping oil in the crankcase, and eliminating ingress of contaminant, including water, back into the crankcase.


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Low pressure seals

Low pressure seals, also referred to as bypass or wash-off-seals, are designed to complement the performance of the high pressure seal and have their own set of challenges.


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High pressure (Stuffing Box) seals

A high pressure seal is integrated into a plunger pump to complement housing tolerances, pump design and geometry. There are several factors that can affect the quality of a high pressure seal, which includes poor lubrication, unsatisfactory performance from braided packing, V-rings and chevron sets and a disconnect with other sealing components.


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Why choose FTL for your plunger pump solutions?

For over 25 years, FTL have been solving sealing problems in plunger pumps through designing and implementing bespoke, in-depth solutions. Here are some of the reasons why we are specialists in our field:

Pump optimisation specialists

  • Direct contact with pump sealing engineers
  • Optimise performance, efficiency & reliability
  • 25+ years’ experience

Custom design & technical support

  • Seal design experts
  • Innovative customer-focused solutions
  • Track record of success in the field

Seal testing & validation expertise

  • Centre of excellence for dynamic seals
  • Benchmark testing & analysis
  • Proven solutions to reduce risk

Supply chain management service

  • OEM branded packaging for aftersales market
  • Stock holding

To learn more about our plunger pump solutions and our expertise, get in touch with an FTL engineer today.

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