Rod Seals

Pneumatic Rod seals are typically used in pneumatic cylinders for sealing pressurised air. Rod Seals work together with wiper seals to protect a hydraulic system against external contaminants, including dirt, dust and outside weather conditions.


Rod seals maintain a seal with the piston rod in dynamic motion. A secondary function of the rod seal is to provide a thin lubrication film on the piston rod, which serves the rod seal and wiper seal, as well as helping to extend the life of the surface of the piston rod.

In a heavier duty application, the rod seal can be combined with a secondary buffer seal for a more robust sealing effect.

Seals can be manufactured in PUR, NBR, FKM and filled PTFE materials. As the lubrication conditions in pneumatic cylinders are only marginal, the interface between the seal lip and shaft are especially important. Seal lip geometry is designed with this relationship in mind. In necessary, specially engineered solutions can be designed in order to meet the specific performance criterion of individual applications.

FTL have the sealing experience and material know how to deliver seals which perform well and give reliable service with minimal downtime.

Seal Profile Type Material Pressure [bar] Velocity [m/sec] Temperature [°C]
Rod Seal Profile 0001  0001 Cotton/NBR
 400  0.5 -30 to +100
-30 to +140
Rod Seal Profile 0002  0002 Cotton/NBR
 400  0.5 -30 to +100
-30 to +140
 Rod Seal Profile 0049 0049
 400  5 -30 to +100
-30 to +200
-30 to +100
Rod Seal Profile 0070   0070 PUR   400  0.5 -40 to +100