Rotary Seals, Shaft Seals and Oil Seals

Rotary Seals involve rotational motion from a shaft and housing. Used in oscillating or rotating parts, their primary function is to keep lubricated fluids in, whilst preventing the ingress of contaminants, such as mud and water.

Important factors to consider when choosing a rotary seal is the frictional heat buildup, material stretch, compression (squeeze), operational temperature limits, shaft and glandular machining.

FTL offers a wide range of specialised solutions using Rotary Seals, Shaft Seals, Radial Lip Seals, Radial Oil Seals, Mechanical Face Seals, and Cassette Seals, as well as custom-made designs. 

Rotary seals are built to perform exceptionally well in many challenging rotational scenarios, due to their ability to demonstrate superior low-friction properties and their excellent resistance to wear. And with specialist seals available, such as radial shaft seals - the range of benefits goes way beyond fluid sealing.

For example radial shaft seals can serve as a scraper in mechanical processes with helical movement, making them a robust and reliable component that offers great value for money. All rotary shaft seals enable friction-free operation by preventing lubricant from leaking from the assembly, thanks to a clearance gap between the shaft and the housing.

FTL are suppliers and engineers of only high quality Rotary Seal and Shaft Seal solutions, with a wealth of experience maintaining rotating seal systems in peak condition, extending component life and improving operational performance.

FTL’s selection of Rotary Seal, Shaft Seal and Oil Seal solutions are tested and certified to API specifications (American Petroleum Institute). This includes; API 622, API 589, API 6A & 6D.

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Sizes   4mm - 480mm shaft diameter. Custom dimensions are available – please contact an FTL Engineer.
 Profiles  Rotary Shaft Seal, Mechanical Face Seal, PTFE Shaft Seal, Laminar Rings, Cassette Seals, Custom profiles are available – please contact an FTL engineer.
 Materials Nitrile (NBR), (FKM/FPM), Silicone (VMQ), Leather, PTFE, Polyacrylic (ACM), Neoprene (CR). Rotary Seals can be rubber enclosed, metal enclosed and metal cased.
 Standards ISO 9001:2008 for stockholding and distribution of sealing and bearing solutions for mechanical assemblies and engineered products to worldwide industrial markets.
Associated Products  Custom Seal Kits, Shaft Repair Kits, V-Rings, Bearings Solutions
 Brands  Freudenberg, Federal Mogul, Elring Klinger, MECO Seals, Carco.

Cassette Seals

Cassette seals from FTL are an easy, efficient sealing system for a range of vehicles and can help protect against external contaminants.


Mechanical Face Seals

Mechanical face seals (toric seals, duo cone seals, floating seals and heavy duty seals) are designed to operate in environments where there is a high level of external contamination.


PTFE Shaft Seals

PTFE shaft seals combine resistance to abrasion and high temperatures with a low friction coefficient, and with FTL custom designs, can perform in the most demanding of environments.


Rotary Shaft Seals

Our optimised rotary shaft seals can improve performance and reliability across a wide range of high speed rotating applications.


Soft-face Mechanical Shaft Seals

Soft-face mechanical shaft seals utilize relatively soft, malleable face materials for components that rotate with the shaft. They are typically in full contact against a fixed opposing seal face orientated.