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In the steel industry, durable, reliable product solutions are required in order for experts within the sector to carry out their jobs effectively. Heavy machinery, complex systems and high pressure processes are all part of the day to day routine in the sector and there are unique challenges that steel workers have to deal with.

These challenges include working in conditions of extreme temperatures, being in contact with aggressive chemicals and operating high-end equipment that must be constantly monitored and checked.

This is where FTL can help, as we have a proven track record of designing innovative sealing and engineering solutions within the steel industry.

What steel solutions do we offer?

FTL has the expertise to provide a custom solution to fit any industrial sealing requirement and our offerings range from rotary to reciprocating seals.

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Rotary Seals

Within the steel industry, rotary seals are used across multiple types of machinery, such as rolling mills and FTL are well-placed to provide high-quality seals that come with several advantages. Rotary seals are also a fundamental part of positive displacement (PD) pumps (link to PD pump page) and other rotary equipment. They work through a rotational movement that and are used to keep liquids in and help to stop any contamination from ingress such as soil, water and other materials.

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Reciprocating Seals

Reciprocating seals are an important component for heavy machinery and operational equipment within the steel sector. This is due to their characteristics of being able to withstand high pressure, endure sudden temperature changes and prevent leakage of hazardous materials. Coming with various benefits, FTL’s reciprocating seal solutions are designed with practicality and reliability in mind.

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Why chose FTL for your steel solutions?

Industry experts

For over 25 years, FTL has been developing personalised sealing and engineering solutions in the steel sector to address all types of challenges. 

A wide range of solutions

Using our in-house expertise, we’ve developed solutions for a wide range of steel processes, which include extrusion presses, rolling mills, blast furnaces, forging presses and more.

A trusted partner to leading steel companies

Over the years, we’ve developed strong partnerships with a number of steel plants across the globe and our solutions have enabled them to function at a high level.

For an in-depth dive into our steel solutions, get in touch with us today and one of our engineers will be happy to answer any questions you have.