Test Rigs installed at R&D Centre of Excellence

Post by: Ryan McNulty, 1st November 2020

FTL's cutting-edge dynamic testing facility is up and running, strengthening its position as an R&D Centre of Excellence for rotary and reciprocating sealing technology.

The rotary and reciprocating test rig installation has been a significant upgrade, enabling FTL to further design and develop innovative dynamic sealing systems, and to establish itself as a genuine leader in new product development.

FTL engineers are now performing back-to-back testing across several different duty cycles, simulating a wider range of medias, pressures and speeds. Crucially for dynamic sealing system applications, the innovative new test rig is demonstrating how sealing designs react under the influence of different parameters, including running surface material and finishes.

FTL rotary and reciprocating rigs

This enhancement to our Centre of Excellence allows further collaboration with our customers, and provides a clear view of how their sealing solution performs in the real world - rather than under strict lab-based parameters. The test rigs are also autonomous. Once seal parameters have been set, the rigs can run without direct human supervision and log performance criteria.

“Our customers will benefit greatly from these new test capabilities,” said Mark McCormack, Engineering Director at FTL. “With more refined solutions and a much more agile timescale for testing and validation, our customers can expect to enjoy significant gains through our testing and validation expertise."

"But more importantly, our new test rigs afford our customers the absolute peace of mind that our sealing systems will work reliably first time – and it’s that kind of result which means everything to us as engineers.”

To join the many customers already benefiting from this new FTL testing capability, get in touch with Mark McCormack by email or by calling +44(0) 113 220 3435

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