Centre of Excellence

As the leading figure in bespoke sealing solutions, FTL is committed to providing an unmatchable customer service across multiple industries. From ultra-high pressure pumps to autonomous vehicles and more, we have decades of experience in developing world-class engineered solutions that solve unique industry challenges.

We’re able to do this through our Centre of Excellence, bringing design, testing and validation under one roof.

This creative testing facility investigates the full lifespan and applications of various solutions. From rotary and reciprocating seals, to hyper-specific seals used for unique purposes, the FTL Centre of Excellence is built on customer satisfaction.


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What’s involved in the process?

At the start of your journey with FTL’s Centre of Excellence, we’ll work with you to understand the specific challenges of your industry, review application details, find out what design improvements need to be made and make recommendations for a bespoke, engineered solution.

Next, we’ll carry out a thorough validation process that includes creating concept designs, verifying all design aspects, application testing and reviewing everything with you. Some of the specific qualities that we validate in all sealing solutions include running surface compatibility, media compatibility and heat generation.

Once this step is completed, we’ll shift our attention towards quality management and supply chain management, so your solution is delivered on time. This means ensuring your product has the correct documentation, has the right kind of packaging, adheres to a flexible blanket order schedule and has been inspected from top to bottom

The advantages of utilising FTL's test facility include:


Next generation product development supported by in-house testing and validation.


Enhanced end-user vehicle performance through collaborative sealing design.


Improved product reliability through validation and bespoke test programmes.


Reduced assembly complexity – seal profiles developed for use with grease lubrication


Fluid ingress and premature failure eliminated during river fording and amphibious operation.


Trusted solutions through partnership and innovation with leader in sealing technology.

Our expertise

Rotary validation equipment

As part of our Centre of Excellence, we specialise in the validation of seals for rotary equipment. The type of equipment we can do this for is extremely varied, covering gearboxes, central tire inflation (CTI), compressors, pumps and more.

Able to perform full endurance testing and with four rotary test stations, the facility can simulate working application parameters like running speed, pressures, media, surface conditions, temperature, shaft misalignment and atmospheric conditions.

Other aspects include rotation torque, leakage rates and housing that’s not limited to one size. All of this analysis is to deliver accurate test results and support the next generation of rotary seal solutions.

Reciprocating validation equipment

Another crucial part of the Centre of Excellence is our validation of reciprocating seals. The equipment that we specialise in includes reciprocating pumps, piston engines, compressors and more.

Comprised of three testing stations, our facility examines factors such as leakage rates, temperature, durability, media compatibility, pressure cycles, housing, frictional characteristics and shaft misalignments. Backed by our dedication to quality, we’ll ensure that all reciprocating seals meet your standards and elevate your equipment.




CoE Rotary Seal Testing

CoE Reciprocating Seal Testing

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In-depth solutions. In-depth service. In-depth knowledge. In-depth quality. These are the four principles that FTL stands for and our Centre of Excellence is the culmination of over 250 years of sealing development, validation and testing experience.

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