Giving something back and making a difference.

As part of the IDEX Corporation, FTL are proud to be leading the way with their Environmental Social Governance Policy.
As a company we are continuously striving to improve how we operate and the impact we have on the world around us, plus the community which are in the heart of.

We have the pleasure of working closely with 2 local charities, Paperworks and Zarach. Not only do we make regular donations to support the development and investment of their infrastructure, but we provide operational support, with everything from finance and marketing to volunteering with their day-to-day running.

Our relationship goes beyond merely making donations. We consider ourselves to be fully integrated partners. This is facilitated by each FTL employee being given a paid day to spend time with their choice of charity, getting involved with activities, projects and anything else that crops up!


Paperworks’ aim is to allow people with learning disabilities a chance of gaining the skills to work in any vocational area.

They give people the opportunity to maximize their potential and demonstrate their independence and are continually developing their business to sustain the environment for this to happen.

Paperworks currently employs 9 staff across 2 sites and operates an outreach programme into more rural areas.

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We engage Paperworks to carry out our shredding and we also use their fulfilment services when a suitable activity becomes available.


Zarach deliver beds and basics to children in poverty. This helps families in crisis rise up from surviving to thriving. Thousands of children in Leeds are going to sleep hungry and cold; without a proper bed of their own. Poverty is a real problem that has a significant effect on a child’s education. By providing something to eat and a good night’s sleep, we can give every child an equal chance to learn and succeed at school.

Zarach is committed to helping children and families who are living in poverty crisis. We are active in schools and in the community. We see the problems that poverty causes every day, we understand that more should be done to help and we have the skills, passion and drive to make an immediate and real difference.

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We have a collection bin in our reception area for the items Zarach need on a daily basis. These include toiletries, single bedding sets and sheets and pyjamas across both boys and girls, suitable for all ages from babies to teenagers. Anyone visiting our site is more than welcome to add a donation into the collection.