FTL provides a comprehensive discovery service that taps into the in-depth knowledge of our in-house experts for any sealing requirement. This can range from a query about reciprocating seals to a complex system with multiple components.

What are the benefits?

An in-depth offering:

When working with us, you’ll be able to make use of our renowned Centre of Excellence that brings together design, implementation and validation into a single package.

Access to expert in-depth knowledge:

Our team of engineers have years of experience to draw from and will be able to identify opportunities for improvement in any production processes, operation infrastructure and more.

A tailored approach:

Our engineers are well-versed in a number of industries, which range from food and pharmaceuticals to oil and gas. This means they can go deeper to understand the unique challenges of your industry and provide tailored advice.

A long-lasting partnership:

We’ve built our reputation on partnerships with leading brands from multiple industries and we’ll do the same for you. Our engineers can provide ongoing support for multiple projects, so your brand will continually evolve.

Contact our experts today

Unlock the full benefit of our discovery service and contact us today. We’ll pair you with an engineer who knows the ins and outs of your industry and will provide ongoing support about any sealing challenges that you’re facing.