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Food and Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to the food and pharmaceuticals sector, meeting industry standards is of the utmost importance to ensure that human health is maintained.

Experts working within the sector must be able to develop products that are safe for consumption, inspire confidence in consumers that their products are free from contamination and only use regulated materials to minimise risk.

At FTL, we understand the unique challenges that come with operating in the food and pharmaceuticals sector and offer sealing solutions that make a world of difference.


What sealing solutions do we provide?

At FTL, we understand that there are as many unique challenges within the food and pharmaceuticals space as there are products being made on a regular basis. That’s why we specialise in developing customisable sealing solutions for a wide range of equipment, covering pumps, food processing units, mixers, blenders, medical devices, ventilators and more.

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Rotary Seals

Designed using high performance elastomer and polymeric materials, our rotary seals can be used for a range of applications across the food and pharmaceutical sector. We take into consideration rotating speed, operating temperature, pressure, media compatibility and the type of contamination risk.

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Lip Seals

Lip seals are usually made from PTFE, a carbon and fluorine synthetic polymer that’s highly resistant to high friction, chemical changes and temperature extremes. They are ideal for more intensive food and pharmaceutical applications and come with several advantages.

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O-Ring Seals

O-ring seals are one of the most effective types of seals and are used across many industries to optimise equipment performance. In food and pharmaceutical processing, it’s important that O-rings meet industry best practices and we’ve designed ours to have several benefits.

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What certifications do our sealing solutions comply with?

Our expertise across food and pharmaceuticals means that we can deliver sealing solutions that meet all the recommended certifications and requirements for your application.
To that end, we mould components from materials that are certified with various industry standards.

This includes FDA Food and Drug Standards, 3A Sanitary Standard 18:03, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), ATEX, EC 1935-2004/ EC 2023-2006 Food Contact Materials and more.

Why choose FTL for your food and pharmaceuticals sealing solutions

Market leaders

For over 25 years, we’ve been the market leader in critical sealing solutions that comply with best industry practices in the food and pharmaceuticals sector.

Personalised solutions

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sealing solutions within the sector and our engineers can develop bespoke solutions to solve a wide range of problems.

A partner of food and pharmaceutical brands from all over the world:

Over a period of time, we’ve built partnerships with some of the leading food and pharmaceuticalcompanies

from across the world, delivering an unrivalled level of customer service.

Our team of engineering experts can advise on where best to start with your application requirements. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements, get in touch with us today on +44 (0)113 252 1061.