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Comprehensive custom design and journey for any sealing requirement

FTL provides a comprehensive consultancy service for any sealing and bearing requirement, from a single custom seal component to a complete complex sealing system.

Our team of expert engineers is able to draw upon an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and decades of industry experience to provide dynamic and effective solutions that have driven revenue and results for clients across the globe. Our engineers can identify opportunities for improvements in formulations, production processes and operation infrastructure.

Having the know-how and ability to create a custom seal or bearing solution, is an important service from FTL which many customers have come to rely on. With dedicated state of the art in-house research and development facilities and testing capabilities, FTL work closely with customer to provide dedicated consultancy services to solve critical sealing challenges.

Complete sealing consultancy service from FTL, the sealing experts:-



Our Design and Consultancy process starts with identifying the customer's ideas, problems and what they are looking to achieve.  We make sure that we develop a clear understanding from their critical insights so we can start work on designing a product or solution that achieves their goals, specific to their application.

When working with teams in large organizations we often partner with customers to prototype many different products or services using available assets early in their design innovation process.

When available assets are not suitable for the customer’s requirements, this is where we continue to the next stage in our process to design bespoke components and/or services in order to provide a competitive advantage for their equipment.



Following on from the initial customer consultation, defining and diagnosing challenges is done through a systematic approach to gaining information about the project in hand, whether it is for New Product Development (NPD) projects, Performance Optimisation or troubleshooting issues.

FTL's Engineering Team is ready to discuss all aspects of the project to ensure technical and commercial parameters are well defined.

  • Application review
  • On-site survey
  • Detailed review of customer expectations
  • Design innovation
  • Commercial understanding


By understanding the total application requirements of our customers, we can then undertake a detailed design programme to create the best solution for their needs.

  • Establish the design parameter and the application details
  • Review design inputs / feasibility study
  • Create concept designs
  • Design review to determine the optimal solution
  • Create component drawings and obtain cost
  • Review concept design with the client and issue a proposal drawing


Once designed, FTL develops component prototypes and undertakes strict validation and performance testing to ensure the customers' requirements are met.

  • Product verification
  • Product validation
  • Laboratory testing
  • Collaborative field testing
  • Review of test results (and design revisions where necessary)


Every customer has different requirements when it comes to delivery.  We investigate the scheduling, supply chain and quality management aspects of the chosen solution with a flexible approach that ensures our customers have peace of mind knowing that their products are delivered as and when required.

  • Blanket order schedules
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Low waste packaging solutions
  • Barcoding and product identification
  • CMM inspection
  • EDI
  • PPAP
  • Inspection reports
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Batch traceability
  • Product marking
  • FAIR
  • Quality plans

Today’s fast paced markets demand quality assured work, delivered to programme, and we pride ourselves on delivering a service that surpasses our customers’ expectations.

With a firm belief in the importance of continuous improvement, FTL products have passed ISO 15848, TA-LUFT, API 589 and API 6A & 6D.

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