Crosshead (Pony Rod) seals

Within the crosshead area of a plunger pump, the most common seal failures occur because of a difficult combination comprising of high speed, pulsating pressure, misalignment and contamination.

Contamination can also lead to surface damage of the running surface providing extra challenges to the seal.  The purpose of the seal is to keep oil inside the crankcase and everything else out of the crankcase.  Failure of the seal can lead to costly repairs due to cross contamination to the power end

As a result, these factors can cause damage to the environment through the leaking of fluid, lead to high maintenance costs and high warranty claims.


Our solutions

FTL crosshead seals provide the following benefits:

  • Zero leakage: Innovative FTL solutions to keep out dust and dirt and prevent damage to the environment.
  • Eliminating Fluid Ingress into Crank Case: Optimum sealing performance to protect valued assets in operation.
  • Easy installation and reduced maintenance: Assembling the seal is a simple process and this also helps to bring down maintenance costs.


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